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Intergenerational dialogues

Intergenerational learning is a very novel concept on the Romanian scene, at least at a formal level. Democratic citizenship, as well as participatory development, are concepts that have been shaping up only later in the transitory Romanian society. When we consider intergenerational learning, we must bear in mind the huge gap between the generations involved, […]

Intellectual Output 2:  Course of intergenerational learning for the formal education sector

Intellectual Output 2:  Course of intergenerational learning for the formal education sector work for the output 2 continues in the University of Eastern Finland. UEF is responsible for creating a formal university course of intergenerational learning – this course being titled Active Citizenship and Non-formal Education (5 ECTS). The course was piloted in UEF Summer […]

Intergenerational Practise – Infographic

The society we live in brining us the variety of the challenges and social changes we need to face with. Changes which are happening are not always positives and are not the opportunities for all generations. We experience that the social distance between the generations is increasing. We can observe that the younger generation is becoming […]

3rd Transnational project meeting in Oradea

Romania, Oradea, 8th October – 10th October 2019. The transnational project, Ge&In is, we based our work and cooperation on on-line communication. After some time we have a wonderful opportunity to meet once again, all together! This time we visited our partner ACTA Center in Oradea, Romania. Those 3 days let us vividly discussed an overview of […]

Workshop Rogaška Slatina

Slovenia, Rogaška Slatina, 20th May – 24th May 2019 Being a transnational project, the Ge&In project has to rely on online technology and technology in general to work towards the different outputs of the project. Although technology enables this kind of transnational project work, it cannot completely replace face-to-face interaction and significance of live face-to-face […]

Theatre as a site for intergenerational learning

Lifelong learning refers to life-long and to life-wide learning. Informal learning takes place daily in different environments such as leisure activities, home and work. Formal education often takes place in the built environment. Non-degree or non-formal education is typically done at work and in adult education (Antikainen 2001, 379.) Under the European Commission works “The […]

Easter Intergenerational Exchange

„Spring in bloom 2019” is the project that sees the collaboration between the Sacra Famiglia nursing home and the public school in Mondovì (Piedmont region – Italy). It aims to foster collaboration between elderly and children through a laboratory of manual activity to produce Easter objects. The meetings are scheduled for the entire month of […]

Transfering more than skills

Work is probably right after family context the most obvious environment for intergenerational learning. Learning at work can be accidental, casual and informal workplace learning in contrast to formal, more supervised and goal-directed work-based learning. In both situations, on the shoulders of the apprentice lies the responsibility to learn not only from what is being […]