Easter Intergenerational Exchange

„Spring in bloom 2019” is the project that sees the collaboration between the Sacra Famiglia nursing home and the public school in Mondovì (Piedmont region – Italy). It aims to foster collaboration between elderly and children through a laboratory of manual activity to produce Easter objects.

The meetings are scheduled for the entire month of March (for a total of six events) and will involve two elementary classes for a total of 38 children, their teachers and the guests of the nursing home.

Bringing together children and the elderly becomes a richness for both generations: grandparents improve self-esteem, increase well-being, social contacts and reduce their stress. Children develop a positive attitude towards grandparents and gain a greater understanding of the aging process. Intergenerational exchange helps to combat the social isolation and depression of older people; children instead learn to relate to elderly and disabled people.

Intergenerational learning activities build new relationships, improve social and cultural cohesion and transmit the historical and cultural heritage through experiential stories, while overcoming the barriers of prejudice.





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