project goals

The goal of the project is to increase competences in using intergenerational learning. Our goal is to develop relevant tools to support their work. Our long-term work with instructors has given us wide perspective and vision of the needs of education targeted for adult educators.  

target group

Our primary target groups are teachers, facilitators and instructors in the field of liberal and non-formal adult education. Pilot groups are working as a platform for investigating the different processes of IGL, providing up-to-date information on diverse experiences and testing methods.


Through the whole project the main principle is to create models which are so concrete that those will easily be reduplicated, applied and disseminated in formal and non-formal education and in in-formal learning sector. One partner has also the idea of producing TV-program of intergenerational learning.

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“The project is likely to have a substantial positive impact on the participating organisations and on their staff and/or learners, during and remain after the lifetime of the project.”



There will be four different outputs in this project. The main principle of the project is that all outputs are open for everyone who are interested in them. All outputs will also produce content to all other outputs. So you can find the results of the project from many different environments.


we about the project

„Our goal is to create tools, how adult educators can use it as a resource in all education context.”

Raisa Laukkanen – Sivistysliitto Kansalaisfoorumi

„My expectations about this initiative is to gain some new tools for intergenerational learning, to implement them into our organisation and our educational program.”

Mojca Vukovič – Ljudska Univerza Rogaska Slatina

„Finally, to the end of the project, we will find solution to involve more people from our community.”

Mihaela Popovici – Abilities Career Training Attitude

„For me intergenerational learning is when people from different generations learn from each other, share experience and so on, so either from elderly people to children and from children to elderly people and other generations also.”

Mojca Vukovič – Ljudska Univerza Rogaska Slatina

„Intergenerational learning is not just a connection between childhood and elderly, for example, but I think  that intergenerational learning is for all the ages.”

Matteo Cornacchia – Universita Degli Studi di Trieste

„I think intergenerational learning is mostly about classic knowledge like passing on information and habits and culture to other generations in good and also in bad ways, sometimes – but it’s something that is not maybe visible, but we are trying to make it a bit more visible in this project.”

Raisa Laukkanen – Sivistysliitto Kansalaisfoorumi