Citizen’s Forum made three stop motion animations about intergenerational learning, which together will form the non-formal course of the project. The voice-over recording of the animations took in January in Joensuu, Finland. Raisa Laukkanen from Citizen’s Forum travelled to Joensuu from Helsinki. On the first day, she and Henna from UEF went to take a look at the recording studio in the high school near the University of Eastern Finland.

The first video is about the core concepts of intergenerational learning (IGL). It also includes a discussion of pedagogical viewpoints of IGL. In the video, we define the concept IGL and describe some benefits of it.

In the second video, we talk about the shadows of IGL. It makes you aware of the things that should be considered in the case of IGL. For instance, what things you should consider when planning an activity that deals with / includes IGL.

The last video is about IGL and future; how IGL can help us learn from future and how we can make sure that people of the future regard IGL as an important thing for societies and their people. 

On the next day, the actual recording started. Sami Tanskanen and Henna Timonen were the voices of the videos. Raisa was the “recording master” and Saara Hassinen and Sari Ikonen were the assistants/photographers. First, we read the script of the first voice-over and edited it in order to make it easier to understand. After that, Henna adjusted her laptop on a music stand in the recording studio, so it would be easy to read the script while speaking on the microphone.

Sami was the “voice” of the first video. His voice-over was ready with only two takes! After Sami, it was Henna’s turn. Again, we read the script and modified it. After that, Henna went into the studio and after two takes, the second voice-over was also ready! In the evening, the recording team had dinner in a local restaurant.

On the last recording day, Henna and Sami recorder the last voice-over together. The voice-over was a dialogue between the two. We reshaped the last script almost completely, but in the end, it was worth it.

Overall, the recording session was a lot of fun and valuable learning experience. The atmosphere in the studio was relaxed and joyful. Everyone had a great time and the collaboration between the two Finnish partners was not only enjoyable but also productive and precise”. The whole team worked together to come up with the best material for the course

Stay tuned for the final non-formal course in 2020!

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