As a part of the Generations in Interaction, project partners are developing a training guide titled „Generations in Interaction: A guide to intergenerational learning.”

The guide will contain a rationale of the project and some basic facts about the benefits and reasons for intergenerational learning in the introductory part. The forts chapter will be followed by a test about the theoretical foundation of intergenerational learning, exploring the concept of “intergenerational learning” through analysis of best practice, policy steps and literature.

The guide will also include a chapter about sociological states of mind in participating countries so that the reader can get a clearer picture of the need for intergenerational learning in Europe. The theoretical parts will be followed by more practical contents, examples of practical tools and activities, conducted and tested by participating partners. They will serve as a tool for users to get ideas and tips for conducting intergeneration activities during their lessons and activities. And to get an even clearer picture of integrating intergeneration activities, partners will also develop a special chapter titled Theory in action, where the readers will be able to enjoy more narrative descriptions of examples of intergenerational activities. The last part of the training guide will contain a short summary of the project generation in interaction and descriptions of project partners.        

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