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The multiplier event “Apprendere tra le gener-azioni” (Learning between generations) related to the Erasmus + project “Generations in Interaction” took place in Italy on 6th November 2020, online on the platform Go-to-meeting, according to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19. The event was attended by 52 participants, the majority being employees at the educational services. […]

Old People’s home for 4 year olds

Intergenerational issues concern everyday life and also arrive on TV in 2019, to stimulate public opinion about the possibilities of the care for older people. “Old People’s Home for 4 Years Old” is a British Channel 4 program, itself inspired by a similar program born in the United States 25 years ago, and tells the […]

A model for an intergenerational learning centre: the rules of the game

The analysis of best practices in intergenerational learning/education, managed by the Units research group, uncovers several recurring and indispensable elements. These should be the key elements of any intergenerational learning proposal. When we talk about learning situations, we are referring to planned, deliberate circumstances, able to generate positive outcomes on the lives of their participants. […]

Project work during the Covid-19 pandemic

Henna Timonen University of Easten Finland The pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus has affected work and education widely in Finland, as in any other country in the world. As the University of Eastern Finland had to close its’ doors in March, remote working, learning and teaching have been introduced to the staff and students […]

Intergenerational Learning & Active Citizenship in Non-formal Education e-learning course

Intergenerational Learning and Active Citizenship in Non-formal Education course is now available in our GE&IN e-learning platform. This formal university course was developed as a constructor of Identity and Culture. The course contents, prepared and pre-tested by the University of Eastern Finland last summer, consist of five learning modules and five interactive videos and concern: […]

Stop motion animation in pedagogical videos

Raisa Laukkanen / Citizen’s Forum From the beginning we had an experimental idea of making the non-formal course of intergenerational learning in the form of three videos, which consist of lecture-kind voice-over, visualized with stop motion animation. Stop motion animation is created by moving stable objects and capturing the movement frame by frame, with a […]


Citizen’s Forum made three stop motion animations about intergenerational learning, which together will form the non-formal course of the project. The voice-over recording of the animations took in January in Joensuu, Finland. Raisa Laukkanen from Citizen’s Forum travelled to Joensuu from Helsinki. On the first day, she and Henna from UEF went to take a […]


As a part of the Generations in Interaction, project partners are developing a training guide titled „Generations in Interaction: A guide to intergenerational learning.” The guide will contain a rationale of the project and some basic facts about the benefits and reasons for intergenerational learning in the introductory part. The forts chapter will be followed […]

We combine potential

Do you wonder whether intergenerational education is a current trend in the university environment and human departments in business or is it really a phenomenon that has always accompanied us, but has been not on a specific name and definition for a long time? Personally, I am inclined to believe that innate humanity and the […]

Visit the intergenerational center “Il Melo” (Gallarate, Milan)

On November 7, 2019, the Units group visited “Il Melo” center in Gallarate, in the province of Milan. Born from a territorial volunteering experience in 1969, “Il Melo” became a Social Solidarity Cooperative in 1980 with the name of Social Cooperation Center. In the following years the Cooperative has given birth to numerous other services, […]