Intergenerational Practise – Infographic

The society we live in brining us the variety of the challenges and social changes we need to face with. Changes which are happening are not always positives and are not the opportunities for all generations. We experience that the social distance between the generations is increasing. We can observe that the younger generation is becoming more independent and separate from the older generation. Losing the connections and closeness between those two, specific generation creates the lock of cooperation and cooling in the society and the common help.

The number of elder people who are suffering from real loneliness is increasing from day by day. This is one of the problems which this generation is living with. Those problems pushed us to promote intergenerational learning and program which are the key to more than just a society. It helps older people with emancipation in the social lives, ending problems with loneliness, create the space for the experience and cultural exchange and contribute equitable society for the younger generations and many others. Ge&In is one of those programs which aims to help and promote intergenerational learning and education.

Below`s infographic shows the intergenerational practise based on activities, aims and settings and also the commons goods for both mentioned generations.




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