Intellectual Output 2:  Course of intergenerational learning for the formal education sector

Intellectual Output 2:  Course of intergenerational learning for the formal education sector work for the output 2 continues in the University of Eastern Finland. UEF is responsible for creating a formal university course of intergenerational learning – this course being titled Active Citizenship and Non-formal Education (5 ECTS). The course was piloted in UEF Summer School program 2019 during August. Summer School is a two-week program for university courses and is organized annually in UEF. 

The course has been planned according to the following principles:

  • Accessibility: Literature is Open Access to ensure that all students can access the material
  • Meeting the learning objectives and course content of the curriculum of the Degree Programme in Education and Adult Education 
  • VIewing the concept of intergenerational learning from different viewpoints (modules):
    • A short historical overview and defining the concept
    • Pedagogical approach
    • Questions of democracy and equality related to the concept and practices 
    • Life-course approach
    • Intergenerational learning in modern societies

Service-learning activity, Picture: Malavika Jaikumar


The teaching methods vary from pre-assignments and self-studying based on the presented literature to written assignments and finding examples of intergenerational learning to be shared in the learning platform. In the class activities included for example group discussion, brainwriting activity and acquainted with the method of service-learning. For each of the independent modules listed above, we have selected a list of pre-reads and additional readings from scientific journals. 

During the following months, UEF will continue working with our Intellectual Output and modifying the course content into a SCORM course for the project’s e-learning platform organized by Viteco and also together with our project partner Citizen’s Forum in creating a non-formal course based on the formal course content. This course will be directed to adult educators and will also be put into the learning platform. 

While waiting for the final course to be published here are some interesting Open Access articles for you to browse:

  • Barrio, E., Marsillas, S., Buffel, T., Smetcoren, A-S. & Sancho, M. From Active Aging to Active Citizenship: The Role of (Age) Friendliness. Social Sciences. 2018;7(8):134. Link to the article
  • Alcón, A. I. M. 2016. Who Learns From Whom? Building up Intergenerational Bridges Through Service Learning. Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 228. 470-475. Link to the article
  • Alexander, R. 2019. Whose discourse? Dialogic pedagogy for a post-truth world. Dialogic Pedagogy 7: E1-E19. Link to the article

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