3rd Transnational project meeting in Oradea

Romania, Oradea, 8th October – 10th October 2019.

The transnational project, Ge&In is, we based our work and cooperation on on-line communication. After some time we have a wonderful opportunity to meet once again, all together! This time we visited our partner ACTA Center in Oradea, Romania.

Those 3 days let us vividly discussed an overview of the first and second year and tasks. During 2018 we have been working on planning frames for the outputs, planning and organizing the national pilot groups, and we had kick-off meeting in Warsaw, Poland. On the second-yeard (2019) we have been working with the national pilot groups, working with the outputs, writing the texts of the methods and exercises for the training guide and also we had a meeting and the workshops in Rogaska Slatina, Slovenia.  

We had a great opportunity to hear and discussed the Itä-Suomen yliopisto – University of Eastern Finland (UEF) &  Kansalaisfoorumi courses of intergeneration learning they created and also to see the DigiCamp which is run in Finland by UEF!

We kept on moving with deeper evaluation and updates of two important outputs „training guide” and „e-platform, we are working on and will be soon presented to you! The guide of strategies and tools for promoting intergenerational learning is targeted primarily to educators across Europe and is designed to deepen teachers’ understanding of intergenerational learning and illustrate how intergenerational competences can be effectively taught and learnt. The training guide will be located as a part of the O4, a know-how sharing platform, and it will contain elements of all outputs. The structure of the training guide will be planned the way that it can be used as such as learning material or it can be exploited by using single parts of knowledge of single exercises to facilitators work. The guide will contain a lot of information about intergenerational learning and it works well also as the self-learning for anybody. There will be a short practical theoretical part at the beginning of the guide for people who don´t know much about intergenerational learning. Results of research and evaluation work in pilot groups will be included in the first part of the training guide.

The guide will built-in English and it will be translated to each partner’s language

One can see a certain triple meaning/faces of this meeting –  summarizing the past achievements, ongoing tasks and responsibilities and future actions. Università degli studi di Trieste presented the plan of dissemination conference and project meeting, which is going to take place in Trieste, Italy o May 13th – 15th 2020. The themes of the project meeting will be dissemination activities by the partners, impacts of the project and the output and the evaluation of the project. 







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