Yourope: Intergenerational Debate

These days topic of the European Union becomes more and more difficult to talk about. There so many things that are happening around us, not only on a political or worldwide fields but also – and especially – on our every day-to-day life. We are buried under endless duties and commitments, that sometimes we forget just to stop and think or simply to notice what is actually happening and whether it can have an impact on our future life. Sometimes we feel so ‘small’ that we believe our opinion isn’t important or we don’t have a say in those topics.  But there is a question – if it does affect my life, shouldn’t I react somehow? Shouldn’t I know what is going on? Shouldn’t I have my own opinion?

The topic of European union starts to concern also young people – those, who can even barely remember the times before EU had been established. But they also should have a say. How does the European Union look like today? How did it change over the years? How did our lives change? How will they change? How youngsters benefit from EU? What it is important for them as for the citizens?

In the framework of ‘Yourope: Joining Paths To Build A Better Perception of Europe’ project, during its first meeting in Altea, Spain, has taken a place an intergenerational debate about European Union. Autokreacja Foundation with other project’s partners have jointly put out their heads together and reflected on European policy, EU initiatives and ways to disseminate and affect a larger number of young people. They were introduced to local organisations and youth associations.

It was a great opportunity to get familiar with an opinion of not only project’s partners, but also and especially young people, who already formed an opinion about EU. Youth will have a huge influence on Europe future; the jointed discussion was therefore incredibly important. The older ones could have look on EU through the eyes of youth and youth could have heard about experience and knowledge of the older ones. Everyone exchanged their observations and thoughts.

Generally, the main goal of the project is to reach out young people with intent to inform them, encourage to open a dialogue and also to make them aware of the importance of the European Union in everyday lives.

The present and the near future is in the hands of all of us, but young people are those, who the distant future needs.


The ‘Yourope: Joining Paths To Build A Better Perception of Europe project is funded under the EU’s ‘Europe for Citizens’ Program.

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