Kick-Off Meeting

As from the beginning of the two-year „Generations in Interaction: Integrational Learning as a Constructor of Identity and Culture” project, in Warsaw at the end of September took place a three-day Kick-Off Meeting. We have an opportunity to welcome our partners from seven other organisations from Finland, Slovenia, Italy and Romania – people completely dedicated to the topics of IGL learning and adult education.

During the meeting and long discussions, we have established our plans and visions about the project, we harmonised assumptions and prepared the ground for our future action related to Ge&In . All of the partners provided others with their plans regarding to the individual outputs, which have been shared among the participants. We also brought to life an official project website, which will contain all the important information, current business, articles and news from what we do.

On the last day we summarised everything – what we want to achieve, who do we want to get to and which methods we want to make that with. After coming back, we have started to work, so on another meeting – preceded by multiple online meetings – present results achieves so far and to figure out further action.

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