HackUnito for Ageing: a programme to support Intergenerational Exchange

In Torino, the initiative HackUnito for Ageing launched by the University of Torino took place to emphasise the role of intergenerational exchange for building a more inclusive society. Indeed, the project is focused on using care centers as hub to allow elderly people and children to familiarize each other.

In collaboration with different care centers and through the support of the Municipality of Torino (that involved teachers and kindergartens), the project has been launched in consideration of survey and data from Eurostat 2014 that definitely reported that in 2030 in Europe a quarter of population will be over 65.

Since elderly represent a huge component of our society at high risk of social exclusion, the only way to avoid this criticism is involving actively them in activities that request their participation by strengthening the bonds with other generations.

On one hand, the objective of the project is to create an intergenerational connection in order to contrast elderly people’ social exclusion enhancing relationship with children. On the other hand, children will benefit from a comfortable environment improving their relational skills by interacting with adults, elderly and people with impairments.

Throughout the project, performance of involved people will be evaluated taking into account psychological and physic parameters in order to measure possible progress or impacts, and by evaluating the level of satisfaction of users as well.



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