Ge&In`s E-learning platform is coming

GE&IN e-learning platform, designed and implemented by the partner VITECO, is the learning management system (lms) for distance learning which contains courses of intergenerational learning for formal, non-formal and business sector.

The knowhow sharing platform is an innovative and interactive online space for universities teachers, NGOs organizations and facilitators of the non-formal sector, which allows them to share and exchange information, experiences, suggestions and examples of good practices about intergenerational learning.

The e-courses, realized in SCORM format, make learners’ experience dynamic and interactive thanks to various items included, such as quizzes and animated graphical elements. Users can follow the courses directly from PC, smartphone and tablet.

Moreover, GE&IN e-learning platform allows teachers and facilitators to monitor users’ participation in an e-learning course. It is possible to access the member’s list of each course, report training activities, register evaluation and monitor the real presence of users.

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